Our Secret


Our golden crunchy chicken boasts a unique twist to the traditional Southern style recipe that millions of customers flock to indulge every year. We use skinless, bone-in chicken that are significantly lesser in fat content. By pre-marinating, we ensure that the taste seeps to the bones. The chicken is coated with our unique breading, blended with herbs and spices with a dash of pepper and lemon seasoning and is pressure-fried to serve you juicy, tender crunchy Chicken. This isn’t just a crunchy fried Chicken; it’s a unique flavor that guarantees you lip smacking satisfaction.
Are you wondering how the breading stays on without the skin?


We don’t just bake our Pizzas, we like to craft them.
They are our special works of art. The sauces are our paint and the dough is our canvas. The dough skin is kneaded fresh daily using the finest flour. We dress it with our own traditional tomato and herb sauce and top with fresh ingredients and bake to precise goodness. Every pizza slice you hold, is a steaming hot masterpiece


There is more to our Burgers than meets the eye. Between the meat and buns, we add layers of personality. Every burger or sandwich is prepared with freshly baked bread. It is then stacked with fresh vegetables and choice of ground Beef patties, Chicken breast fillet or Hamour fillet, and finally topped with delicious sauces that leave them dripping with flavor. This careful process gives a savory surprise in every bite!


Our salads are dressed with love. The Salad range features a wide variety of locally and sustainably sourced freshly cut and crisp vegetables and legumes ensuring a nutritious goodness enveloped in a range of delectable yet light dressings. The dressings are prepared with a keen balance between health and taste. Once compounded and tossed, you GET a platter full of health TO ENJOY. Pile up your plates and dig in to the oh-so-delicious yet waistline friendly refreshing assortment of nature’s treats. .